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Thread: Inglis Portable Dishwasher Problems

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    Inglis Portable Dishwasher Problems

    Model Number: IJC22050
    Brand: Inglis
    Age: 6-10 years

    This Dishwasher, you load it up, put in the soap, close the door, it is normal up to this point. Then you turn the dial to start position and it does not fill. for next 3 times, when it supposed to fill, it does not fill, but for the last 2 cycles, it fills on it's own, no problem. I first thought the fill valve was bad, but since it works fine for the last 2 cycles maybe it not the issue here.

    Any hints or tip or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Next time I run this thing I will make a video and post it up Youtube and put a link here.
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    It sounds like a timer problem.
    I cannot find any tech info on this model so just have to guess at what is wrong.
    I think the timer is the same as the one used in an IJC22053.

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    I would guess maybe an intermittent water valve or timer problem. Next time it acts up you could do a voltage test to see if power is being sent to the water valve. You can also try testing the water valve as shown in the video below.

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