Model Number: YGW395LEGB6
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: More than 10 years

What is the cause to have inner glass broken of gas oven? It was 14 years old. How to prevent to damage it again?

This is what happen at that time:
The dinner that was being prepared was the same as was prepared over a dozen times since we have been in the suite, which was broiled mackerel. As part of the preparation of the dish, I set the oven to broil on “high” setting and put the ovensafe baking pan on the lower rack. These steps are consistent with how we have prepared this dish multiple times in the past and within the normal operating specifications of the oven. Approximately 5 minutes into the broiling process, my wife and I could hear a loud bang, which sounded like an explosion. When we examined the oven, the inside pane of glass was shattered and glass shards were distributed throughout the oven, including the pan

Did i do anything wrong by my usage?
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