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Thread: Burned Wires at Terminal Block: Repairable?

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    Burned Wires at Terminal Block: Repairable?

    Model Number: 630.16303406
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years


    New guy here....

    So, I have this old dishwasher that worked fine up until a few days ago, at which point I started to smell "burning" when it ran. Today I removed the cover to the Terminal Block/Box and found smoke/burn marks on the inside of the cover and two of the three wires to the TB completely burned off at the connection point.

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    From all appearances, the TB is simply a connection point; nothing more. So it seems to me it can't really break, in the sense that it has no electronics or other equipment that could be damaged by an electrical surge or the like...which means that there is nothing to repair and nothing to replace.

    In fact, my take is that it would be the first component next in line after the TB that would've taken the brunt of whatever happened here. And that component would be ??? what? And is that repairable and/or replaceable?

    Now, I realize that given the age of the dishwasher (best guess is 25 years) that fixing this thing, if possible, is likely not a wise use of time, energy and money. Still, I would like to get competent feedback as to if this situation is repairable. And, if so, how far and wide might I have to go to fix it.

    Thank you very kindly.

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    Odds are tghat it was just one bad connection at the terminal strip.

    The way it works is that if a connection is poor/corroded electricity see this as a resistance.
    So when current flows it heats up.
    This further degrades the connection causing more heat and so on and so on until the connection fails.

    You will have to pull the terminal strip to heck that the wires on the back side are OK.
    Any overheated/corroded wires will have to be cut back until you get to nice clean copper and good wire insulation.

    You could then use wire nuts to do the connection.
    Alternatively if the connectors etc. are good on the back side you could replace the terminal stip and just cut back the electical hook up wires.

    Just be sure that the connection point cannot move around as that can loosen wire nuts over time.

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