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Thread: GE Microwave Not Working - Control Panel?

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    GE Microwave Not Working - Control Panel?

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    A month ago my GE Microwave model # JNM1951SR1SS button #1 stopped working. Then a few weeks later the setting button stopped working. I should note even thought these buttons stopped working the actual microwave did work. About a week ago we had a power outage and now the microwave is stuck asking us to reset the time (clock), but none of the buttons work. Is this a problem with the control panel? Is it worth fixing? What part do I need? Or should I buy a new microwave?

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    Can't be be sure I'm no expert but from experience these types of parts don't repair they're throw away

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    Everythings throwaway these days!!

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    Everythings throw away because its so cheap to manufacture and replace

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    How much did it cost in the first place?

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    IF you live in the suburbs then maybe a handyman on Craigslist can replace the board for you cheap and repair it especially, if he has access to a used unit (which they sometimes do or can call up a local junker to get the part). Any call-out fee for service over $30 to $35 is not worth it. Just get a new one and install it over the oven yourself. Most microwaves are not worth replacing but sometimes you can win out if you dig. Do not call a licensed appliance repair tech. Then it will definitely not be worth it.
    Just my 2 cents. We get a lot of microwave calls and to be honest we tell about 60% of our customers at the minimum to toss it. Its not an appliance worth the repair cost unless its a vintage unit that you are determined to keep with your kitchen (a some what common scenario due to sizing).
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