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Thread: Timer not triggering spin cycle automatically

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    Timer not triggering spin cycle automatically

    Hi, my washing machine is not triggering the spin cycle automatically.

    When I use Normal or Perm Press to start the machine... the timer moves as normal but when it reaches the spin cycle, it just keeps on agitating until the timer reaches off and stops. When I go back to the machine, the clothes are just sitting in dirty water.

    At this point, the only way to start the spin/drain cycle is by manually rotating the switch to that position and starting the machine. It then spins/drains like normal.

    So basically... the spin cycle won't trigger automatically but can be manually triggered. Is this a problem with the timer?

    The lid switch seems fine because when I manually trigger the spin cycle and then lift the lid, the spinning stops.

    Name: Kenmore 700
    Model: 110.28782700
    Type: 111-01
    Serial: CU4940094

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    I took and chance and bought a new timer from eBay and it fixed the problem. The rince/drain cycle now activates automatically like it should.

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