Model Number: 911.7398610
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years

I recently replaced the oven igniter and when I turn on the oven it makes small explosions. I verified that the igniter is positioned properly. This range is VERY OLD and the igniter part number is 319887 which is no longer available but replaced by part # WB2X9154. This is the part # I ordered and is listed as such on my receipt, however I did noticed that the part number on the actual igniter is GR403. Is that an acceptable replacement? If it is what could be causing the "explosions"? The broiler and stovetop work correctly and there was no previous issue with the oven(except the igniter). HELP!! I would like to bake Christmas cookies. Having a full kitchen reno in the spring and would like to keep this oven working until it is replaced at that time.