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Thread: Samsung Frig problem - ice & freezer

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    Samsung Frig problem - ice & freezer

    Model Number: RF267abwp
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    I need help determining the problem and the correct fix for this refrigerator. Sorry for the long post, but I have been very good about documenting what occurred with it.

    Over a month ago the Ice maker stopped working, ice was only partially formed & compartment had water in it. At the time I thought it was just an Ice maker issue as I have replaced it in the past. Then over the next week I noticed the freezer section was not keeping temps. Freezer temps crept up to 15*f.
    Had service tech come out, he looked at it, took off the back interior panel. Found nothing unusual, no ice accumulation, he did a quick check on the fan motor, no problems & found nothing. He suspected it was a control board malfunction where the defrost cycle was not turning off properly. Before replacing the control board, he suggested we unplug unit, allow it to come to room temps, then restart it. If it worked then we would be OK, if not then would need to replace control board.

    After the 1st tech came out, another tech later returned my initial call. I discussed the issues with him, without seeing the unit & only based on my comments, he felt it was probably low refrigerant issue & not the control board.

    We did as recommended above from the 1st tech, initially OK and temps went down to -10*f in freezer & 36*f in frig. But now the same symptoms have come back. First the Ice maker stopped about a week ago, and freezer section temps have crept up to 0 – 5* f, frig temp still holding at 36 – 38*f.

    In the past I have been very good at fixing my own appliances, having fixed problems with an Oven, Dryer, & washer. However with refrigeration I feel its above my abilities.

    I would greatly appreciate any input from this forum on the suspected problem & fix. Do you think it is a control board issue or a low refrigerant issue. If its low refrigerant, that by nature means I have a leak. But if so why would it get down to temps quickly after I restarted it. I understand Samsung’s are difficult to diagnose & fix, thus my reaching out to the experts as best I can.
    Thanks Mike

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    Does the compressor run constantly except when the unit is in a defrost cycle?
    If yes then this points a low freon re: the control board is telling the unit too cool down and it is trying but cannot due to lack of sufficient freon so it runs all the time.
    I am assuming that the tech was correct that it was not a defrost problem. Defrost problems cause the evaporator coils to clog solid with frost/ice. Then the evaporator/freezer fan cannot pull air though them so the unit cannot cool down properly.

    If the unit is cycling the compressor on off then it could be the control board or one of the thermistors.

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