Model Number:
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: Less than 1 year

In the printing supplies market, quality, professional has been the user expectations, and only high-quality supplies and professional skills and services to allow users to purchase and use supplies more worry-free. In fact, in the printing supplies market, quite a mixed bag, fake, inferior and other non-professional supplies overflowing, plaguing many printer users. For the final printer users, the cost of the budget is very limited circumstances, the choice of what kind of supplies, in the choice of supplies should pay attention to what details and applications? Probably a lot of users are not aware of.

Judging a brand consumables is professional, high-quality, may need some applications and tests to know the final result, a few of which are very important factor is, print quality, print test whether leakage, the print volume can achieve the desired Standard, the other is the stability of the cartridge, these factors may be many users are easy to ignore.

Compatible with the domestic supplies brands, many compatible cartridges in the unboxing will be some problems when the situation, in which leakage is a very intuitive problem, may open the outer packaging, open the inner packaging tape, some compatible brand toner cartridge There will be powder leakage, or opened the seal, the problem of powder leakage. When we unpacked the Canon CRG 046 toner cartridge, we did not find any leakage of toner. After shaking the toner cartridge, we pulled out the seal and did not leak any powder, so we can see the quality of V4Ink toner cartridge and technology expertise.

Print quality has always been the user's most concerned about, and the stability is very poor, may not print a few will appear quality problems, canon printer cartridges for a continuous multi-page output, continuous print a few Ten test documents, from the output quality point of view, the overall output is very good, there is no output quality problems, there is no paper jam situation.

In terms of output quality, Canon CRG 046 print text part is very clear; paper is very clean, no leakage situation, and enlarge the viewing effect, the font grainy heavier, no white spots on the font strokes. Pictures, the light and shade part of the natural transition, while paper output is very clean and clear.