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For laser printer supplies, although we see more, but very little understanding of the internal structure, which can usually be divided into three categories.

The first is the integration of photosensitive drum, developing roller and toner cartridges integrated design, this cartridge is not designed to allow users to add toner, the reason why the toner cartridge and drum tied together, is to carbon When the powder is exhausted, no matter the life of the photosensitive drum has arrived, the entire cartridge must be forcibly scrapped. This design is widely used in low-end black and white laser printers, the environmental pollution is indeed a great, do not look at the printer's selling price is not expensive, in fact, the profits are in the final supplies, manufacturers can reach more than 70% profit margin, which also To the general supplies to bring opportunities, many users in order to reduce printing costs, even with destructive means to powder cartridge.

Two-piece cartridge refers to the cartridge is divided into two separate parts, part of the photosensitive drum, the other part of the developer roller and toner cartridge, when the toner runs out, only need to replace the toner cartridge of the developing roller , Without having to replace the drum, the cost is relatively low, but the market has been using this design less and less printers.

Three body cartridge refers to the cartridge is divided into three separate parts: photosensitive drum, developing roller, CF230A Toner Cartridges, when the toner is depleted, just replace the toner cartridge can, on the surface of the input is the lowest, everyone Also known as drum separation technology.

Does the drum never need to be replaced? Really beautiful. According to the different photosensitive materials, toner cartridges can be divided into three types: OPC drum, SE drum and ceramic drum. On the composition, the general OPC drum only three layers, the first layer is the aluminum tube, the second layer is the insulation layer, the third layer is the photosensitive layer, short life expectancy, generally only about 3,000. SE drum and ceramic drum surface from four to five layers of material synthesis, especially ceramic drum, the fourth layer is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer, the fourth, fifth layer of hands to protect the light Layer, so long life expectancy, to reach 100,000 pages, so many manufacturers play the word game, shouting slogans for life-free cartridge, in fact, the printer really want to use a high load of 35, photosensitive drums also break the food. Finally, SE drum life is usually about 12,000 pages.