Model Number: frs23kf6db0
Brand: Frigidaire
Age: 6-10 years

A couple days ago my dad was fixing a different problem with the fridge leaking water and after a couple tries, successfully fixed it. Unfortunately when he was testing it the front plate was not on and the Dispenser Control Board as well as the connecting Ribbon Cable got splashed with water. I helped quickly unplug the Dispenser Control Board (The fridge is still on at this point) and let it and the ribbon cable dry off. However NOW when they're plugged back in, the water will start to dispense intermittently without anyone touching it. When this happens it still makes the "Clicking" noise you hear from normally pressing the water dispense button and it only happens when the ribbon cable is completely fastened, it did not happen when it was just sitting in the connector. I'm lost about what parts are needed to fix this and could use some help troubleshooting the issue.

Sorry if the information is vague, here is a picture of the problem pieces if it helps.

Thank You,