Model Number: GSHS5MGXCESS
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years

Good day,

I started hearing a unusual sound coming from the evaporator fan and the water/ice dispenser malfunctioned intermittently. I replaced the evaporator fan motor with new part (WR60X10307) (came wired with thermister). Inspected the main control board and noticed resistors R43 and R27 were somewhat scorched. Changed the main control board with new part (WR55X10942P) at the same time the evaporator fan was replaced. Do I need to cut the thermister wire on the J1 connector?

The refrigerator is working/cooling but the actual temperature of the refrigerator compartment sometimes goes lower than the set temperature. For example if I set the refrigerator temperature at 39 the actual will be sometimes at 37 or 38.

I also don't think that the compressor is turning off. The refrigerator seems to be running all the time. This repair was done on Monday 1st January 2018 with no change. The refrigerator is still working fine but i'm concerned about the fact that it doesn't appear to turn off and the temperature readings in the refrigerator will go below the set temperature sometime. Can you assist?


Serial # : SS400567
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