Model Number: GLD4404RBB
Brand: Brand
Age: 6-10 years


I was wondering if there is a support procedure for this GE dish washer when the control panel is showing random lights when I trip my circuit breaker, it is not accepting any key press, but LED lights are appearing on the front panel. The dishwasher motor or pump will not turn on. It will beep when the door is closed.

The first thing I did was took off the inner door panel to see if there is anything wrong with the door switch and did not find any issue. When I push the door switch manually I hear a beep as normal. I would be open to your suggestions. If there is a common troubleshooting technique for this dish washer, please share it with me.

I turned the breaker off to my dishwasher for at least 5 minutes, then turn it on and the dishwasher still will not start.

Thank you for your assistance!