Model Number: RS2630
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years

I have a Samsung RS2630 which has been the worst Fridge I have ever owned. I have replaced many part for the ice maker and the board for the unit. Now the issue I have is the fridge gets to about 52 degrees when on the coldest or 2nd coldest setting.
The fridge seems warm and the sides and shelves are not cold. The compressor in the back is warm but not too hot that you cant touch it. I blew out the black fins and the fan is working non stop. The freezer temp is at about 10 degrees without leaving it in there too long to check.

I really dont want to spend any more money on this unit as it has already cost me more in service and parts then any other fridge I have owned. I still have 2 other fridges that cost less and still work much better after far more years of service. I know this isn't a good fridge but if there is a simple fix I would like to try it before I replace the whole unit.
I tried to unplug it for a few minutes to do a reset but it never helped.

I tested it again this morning and have the same issue in the fridge. The freezer does get down to 0 degrees but the fridge remains at 54 degrees.

The ice maker hardly makes any ice so maybe the freezer isn't getting cold enough