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Thread: GE oven control pad issues

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    GE oven control pad issues

    Model Number: pt916sr1ss
    Brand: GE
    Age: 1-5 years

    Noticed steam was causing the control pad to fog a bit during the last week or so. Ordered a new door gasket thinking that would keep heat from escaping into the front panel, but before it arrived and I could change that out...the oven quit working. So. The clock is still on and keeping time, but nothing else works now. Hitting the 'on' button does cause a beep, but that is all. We flipped the breaker. We checked all the programming lock functionalities and such and nothing seems electronically locked. Guessing the steam burnt up the computer. Is the best bet to replace just the "control oven" (wb27t11442) first before the "panel control assembly" (wb36t11321) only if the control oven replacement does not help? Will one fail or both fail simultaneously? Any advice is good advice. Thanks in advance.
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