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Thread: Frigidaire oven failure

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    Frigidaire oven failure

    Model Number: CPES389AC2
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 6-10 years

    A noise and a flash from front of the range then no oven heat. Some, possibly all, of the top elements remained working.
    With an ohm meter/continuity sensor I've verified that the two oven elements, the fuse and the temperature sensor are all functioning.
    What's left to test? or am I needing to replace the control board? or?....
    Any help appreciated

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    All that is left to check is the wiring going to the elements.
    If that is OK then the control board is most likely toast.

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    Last hope! I checked the fuse (313921 - 318003400 and other numbers) and it checked out as good. Now I've noticed a very similar part under the glass cook top above the oven , It looks just like the fuse but had different numbers . Hard to be sure due to the location but I think that one has numbers 313757 - 318005000. THIS ONE IS OPEN WHEN CHECKED WITH THE CONTINUITY TESTER. Could it be my problem?

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    I doubt it.
    Looking at the wiring diagram the unit has two thermostats one is in line with the oven sensor and the other is in line with the fan.

    The the oven sensor unit should be closed.(318003400)

    The fan one should be open though I am not 100% sure on this. (318005000). I think it keeps the fan running until the oven is cooled down.

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    Sincere thanks for your help with this. I know that you'll understand that I wanted to do all I could to determine of it was the control panel before I spent the big bucks there. You have helped me to make that decision. Now I'll set about finding the best, (most affordable ) supplier.

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