Model Number:
Brand: Brand
Age: Less than 1 year

Model Number: MDB8949SAB1
Brand: Other
Age: 1-5 years

Matag Dishwasher about 5 years old. We are farmers, and this dishwasher is used a lot, probably 400+ loads per year. The upper rack has adjustable height. The adjuster allows the front of the rack to sag so much that you can't latch the door because water connection to the spray wand on the bottom of the upper rack does not align. If you manually align the connection, the door closes fine. I assume we need to change the Dishrack adjusters (L PD00029184& R PD00029182), but not sure because nothing is visibly wrong, just way too much slack. Do I also need to change the Rack adjuster "latch" PD00031211 or can I reuse the old one?