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Thread: Microwave Making Loud Humming Sound after Replacing Thermal Flame/Sensor

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    Microwave Making Loud Humming Sound after Replacing Thermal Flame/Sensor

    Model Number: JE1860SB002
    Brand: GE
    Age: Less than 1 year

    My GE microwave (JE1860SB 002) made a cracking sound and stopped working. After some research, I removed the cover and checked the fuse and it was good. I then checked the thermal flame/sensor and discovered it was burned out. I replaced the thermal flame/sensor and now the unit comes on but makes a loud humming sound and has a burnt smell. The next step (according to my research) is checking the diode (cable) which is attached to the capacitor. It appears I need to discharge the capacitor before proceeding? --- BEFORE replacing the sensor, the unit had been unplugged for over one week….AFTER replacing the sensor, the unit was plugged in for about 5 minutes on Jan 25, 2018.
    - What is the best/safest way to discharge the capacitor? Is an insulated screw driver or pliers needed or will a rubber handle tool work considering the time it has been unplugged?
    - Should I remove the two connecting wires and diode before attempting to discharge the capacitor?
    - If the diode is bad should I still check the Magnetron?
    - If the diode is good, what is the next item to check/test?
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