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Age: Less than 1 year

I have a 2005 hotpoint side by side refrigerator freezer. The water and ice dispenser stopped working about 3 years ago but everything else has worked fine. We have had this constant clicking sound that clicks every 3 seconds or so ever since the water dispenser went out. Yesterday we woke up to the freezer not cooling. I googled troubleshooting stuff and saw from what I read that the coils could be clogged and not be getting airflow.
I unplugged the refrigerator and pulled it out from the wall and the metal panel was totally covered in dust. I vaccumed everything off really good and cleaned it up then plugged it back up.It has worked great ever since but that clicking sound did'nt start back up until this morning. Should we be concerned by this sound or could this just be something to do with the water dispenser not working?