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Thread: Kenmore Series 600 Electric Dryer *NOT drying*

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    Kenmore Series 600 Electric Dryer *NOT drying*

    Model Number: 110.66132411
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: 1-5 years

    My electric dryer was purchased November 2015. It has worked great up until a few weeks ago it started to not dry. We will put in a regular size load for 3 hours and it was still really wet. We replaced the heating element because the meter would read good and bad on the coils. My laundry "room/closet" is in the center of the house so the tubbing goes up through the attic and across about 15 ft of space. We then found the tubing for the airflow was disconnected in the wall. We cut open the wall and connected and taped up the tube. We tested the airflow and it was perfect.
    We then put a few wet towels in for a total of an hour and they were still wet. auto-sensing cycle went from a timer of 39 minutes to 2 minutes on "normal" and on "heavy duty" from 1 hr 1 minute to 15 minutes down to 1 minutes, all within a 3 minute time period. We finally put it on the timed cycle on med/high heat for 45 minutes.
    Now it is barely getting warm inside the dryer.
    The air flow is good and heating element is brand new. I've done hours of research and nothing seems to help. I live no where near the Sears we bought it from and would rather not have a service person out to avoid those costs. Unfortunately it is just a year after the warranty. Any clue as to what it could be.
    Model # is ... 110.66132411
    Serial # is ... M54607778

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    ** we also replaced the thermostat and fuse as well. Said towels have been in for over 4 hours and still wet it’s plenty hot in the dryer

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