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Thread: Bad wiring popped something

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    Bad wiring popped something

    Model Number: FFEF3048LSM
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    We moved into this house and there was no range , the cook top was in a different counter top. There was wires sticking out the wall for the range , the breaker was off.
    Bottom line is they used the red wire for a ground and the white wire for a hot wire.
    I hooked it up according to the illustration on the back , ( red and black hot , white neutral , green ground ) it came on we set the clock , 1 min later something popped in the stove and the breaker popped
    Now it won't do nothing
    I have no idea where to start looking
    Please help


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    Below is info on this unit.

    First off if you have not already done it the stove wire has to be redid so the color code is good.

    Next do the stove top elements work?
    Doe the oven light and stove top element on/hot lights work?

    If all OK then check for burned off wires.
    If OK then odds are you blew the control board.

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    Well once I took the back off it was obvious, the transformer on the board was shot. If I could find the transformer it would be an easy fix. Maybe . I'll order a new control board.

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    Odds are high that when the transformer blew it also blew the board!!!

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