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Thread: Samsung dryer not heating, have replaced almost everything.

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    Samsung dryer not heating, have replaced almost everything.

    Model Number: DV42H5000EW/A3
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    It's only 3 years old.

    The dryer isn't heating, there is no air flow problem, the incoming electricity is at the correct voltage, and there are no Error codes. We have replaced the whole heating element assembly complete with the thermostat, cut off fuses, and the thermoster. We noticed that once that it was started and said the time was 40 min, and got something to drink and came back after 2 min and the time said 20 min. Could this be the control board? I thought it was a timer problem, but I can't find that in the parts diagram. Today we fixed a heat sensor because somebody said that might be the problem, and it only cost 7 dollars.

    Considering buying a dryer, but not a Samsung as it seems that they are built to only last 4 years. This is our first time trying to fix a dryer, so any help would be appreciated. Perhaps I should be asking what a good dryer brand is too! hahaha.

    Model number is DV42H5000EW/A3
    Electric not gas model.

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    Below is info I found for the unit, though much of it is for a gas unit they are still fairly close.

    Yes it could be a control board problem.

    Also may be that the heater section of the motors centrifugal switch is not closing.

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    If your dryer is not heating properly, then there be many problems occur in your dryer. These are drum drive belt has been broke, gas valve coils are defective, bad thermostat, Overheated or bad motor, faulty heating element, or other internal wiring issues. But as you say, you replace all the elements. After replacing the elements, you face the problem again. Then, you have to consult an experienced and certified technicians from reputated company i.e. APlus Repair which is one of the best appliance repair company that will solve your problem at low cost in stipulated time period.

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    Yes I have read about the centrifugal switch too... think I will try that next... I wish there was an error code. I can only say that I am never buying samsung washer/dryer again!

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    Thanks for the non-answer and commercial advertisement. Clearly not the gas coils as my machine is an electric unit. Did you even read my description? Drum drive belt? Sheesh, I'd get a better response from my dentist.

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    Sorry but my link to info does not show in my original post so I will give it another try.

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    Cheryl -- did you guys figure out the problem? We're experiencing the exact same thing and we've replaced almost everything as well (heating element/thermostat/thermal fuse, thermistor/thermal fuse, control board, and motor). We've also checked the cord and outlet -- they're getting/transmitting the correct voltage. Ours has only run for 18 months until this happened. So angry. $800 down the drain (and the extra $250 in parts).

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