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Thread: Samsung He Code

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    Samsung He Code

    Model Number:
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Samsung dryer stopped drying. There was no error code.

    Found that heating element was broken. Replaced it. Now dryer gets really hot and shuts off with hE code after 10-30 minutes.

    Tested thermistor, thermostat and over limits switch and all come back in appropriate range on multimeter. Heating element isn't grounded to case. Any ideas for next steps to fix?

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    Sounds like a control board problem.

    I am assuming that you have the wiring diagram since you were able to check other parts with a meter.

    Unplug the unit
    Also one wire at the board re: heater relay output. This prevents you from reading an alternate/parallel circuit path.
    Then measure across the relay contacts.
    They should be open (infinite ohms)
    If it is closed (0 ohms or low ohms) then the relay contacts are welded together.

    Note the above will tell you if the board is bad, it does not tell you that the board is good as it may still have electronics problems re: holding the relay closed all the time.

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