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Thread: Dryer shuts off mid cycle

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    Dryer shuts off mid cycle

    Model Number: DV419AEW
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    Samsung dryer DV419AEW/XAA shuts off mid cycle
    The dryer shuts off mid cycle then wonít turn back on for about 20 minutes.
    Iíve replaced the motor, thermostat, thermistor and the thermal fuse. It is still doing the same thing. Any ideas?

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    My first guess would have been a motor that overheats, either from worn bearings or a defective centrifugal switch which allows the motor to be powered on both the start and run winding at the same time.

    The regular delay before restarting looks like a component needing a cool down period.

    A possibility would be loose connector in the wiring to the motor causing it to not be powered until the connector cools down. Maybe somewhere near the broken belt switch, or the plug at the motor.

    A relay on the PCB that is about to fail will likely start the motor half the time, and the other half, nothing will turn and the time left display decreases. However it usually won't happen during a cycle, mostly at the beginning.

    A failed hi-limit thermostat would likely melt the thermal fuse on the heater and stop any further heating. A failed thermistor is sometimes detected by the appliance, if not, it will tend to blow the thermal fuse on the blower housing, which prevents the motor from starting again.

    Anything related to the door switch will show an error code.

    Although an unlikely occurence, a grounded heating element and clogged outlet could let temperature in the cabinet but around the drum increase enough to trigger the motor temperature protection. Also, if the blower can pull air from elsewhere than the drum, it can let temperature rise higher than what the thermistor would allow.

    To check if the motor stopping is related to running time or heat, you can try the unit in 'air fluff' mode so air stays cool. Also check for proper air flow at the back of the unit with the outlet pipe disconnected. Does it run longer without the outlet pipe? Does it seem to heat even in 'air fluff' mode?

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    Dryer shuts off mid cycle means the motor can be defective. The defective motor gets hot faster and cause your dryer to shut off.

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