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Thread: Samsung Dryer not heating - again

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    Samsung Dryer not heating - again

    Model Number: DV48H7400EW/A2
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    The dryer stopped heating about two weeks ago. All controls work and the dryer would run fine just not heat. Tested thermal fuse for continuity - was bad. Installed new thermal fuse. Dryer ran for one cycle then stopped drying again. Tested thermal fuse again - tested bad. After checking blogs it was said that the thermal fuse with N85 on it was a lower temperature fuse and should not be used - even though it is the fuse listed on the parts diagram (DC47-00016a). Several people commented that the correct fuse is stamped N160 (DC96-00887a). Replaced N85 thermal fuse with N160 thermal fuse and replaced the element (cheap enough). Dryer ran one or two cycles then stopped heating again. The vent and hose is not clogged and there is good airflow through the dryer and out. Next replaced thermal fuse (tested bad again), thermistor, and high limit thermostat. Dryer ran good several times over a week and a half or so and stopped drying again last night. Dryer is only 2 years old but this is frustrating enough to just buy another one. Any suggestions?
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    If you run the dryer on a air dry (no heat) cycle, does the dryer heat up?
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