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Thread: Samsung DV210 AEW /XAA heating issue

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    Angry Samsung DV210 AEW /XAA heating issue

    Model Number: DV210AEW/XAA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    Good evening:

    I have a DV210 Samsung front load dryer Iíve been having issues with for the last half a year. The first time it stopped heating I bought a whole element with thermo switch and thermostat installed. I installed that and the dryer would heat but only on timed settings not on the sensor setting. About a month later I lost the thermo switch and it stopped heating again... I replaced the switch and it worked find again only heating on the timed setting not the sensor setting that was probably 4 months ago itís been going fine on the 40 Min setting, and now today itís has started shutting off after a few mins of running and there is no sign of heat during the 4 mins it runs for.... kind of lost tired of taking apart is it time for a new dryer?? This unit is probably 8-9 years old!! Thank you for any advice

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    I am assuming that you have the tech sheet

    Your current problem sounds like you need a new motor re: the centrifugal switches on it not activating
    One of the switches connects in the heater so that would explain there is no heat.
    The other switch disconnects the start winding which will overheat the motor if left in circuit. This is what I think is happening.
    The motor overheats, it's internal thermal protect trips and then you have to wait till the motor cools down (protect reset) before it will start again.
    Could be that the motor is clogged solid with lint but since you have been in the unit a number of times I doubt that.
    Also that the unit blew a thermo switch (cutoff) may be due to low air flow caused by a motor problem.

    The long standing problem of no heat in auto modes could be a bad wire/connection.
    I do not know if you know how the moisture sensor works so I will explain.
    The sensor is two metal strips. The way it works is that when the clothes are wet there will be moisture between the strips. A voltage is applied to the strips and the moisture provides a circuit path so a current flows. The board monitors this current and holds the timer off and heater on. When the clothes are dry, there is no moisture therefore no current and the timer is then advanced to off and heater is turned off.
    So if there is a bad wire/connection to the strips the unit thinks the clothes are dry.
    This can be checked by disconnection the sensor at the control board and then measuring it with a meter.
    It should be infinite resistance.
    The wet your thumb and place it across the strips now you should see a reaiatance.
    Use a high meter scale.
    Also could be that the control board is shot.

    A new motor will set you back about $160.00.
    A new board is about $130.00
    So it is not a cheap fix if you need the above parts.

    As far as replacing the unit that is a decision that only you can make but there does come a time when it is just not worth the hassle.
    Also the above is just a guess on my part.

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