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Thread: Dryer power fades to off

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    Dryer power fades to off

    Model Number: Dv210
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Had this dryer for a couple of years now with no issues. Today it seemed to power off early and when I checked it seemed like it was getting no power. On evaluation after a few minutes it will turn on and even start but then I see the control panel slowly fade to black and then it stops. On another attempt the panel will light dim and it won’t start at all. This is within both sensor and timed settings. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks

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    First I would check the power at the terminal strip in the un it.

    Check for both L1 and L2 voltage (120 volts) and that you have 240 volts L1 to L2.
    If OK with the dryer off, try it also with the dryer on.

    If all the above are OK then odds are it is a bad control board.

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