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Thread: new water inlet valve, washer showing F20 code

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    new water inlet valve, washer showing F20 code

    Model Number: WFW9600TA00
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 6-10 years

    installed new water inlet valve, due to standing water in tub. Now the water does not go back far enough to reach the soap dispenser tray. Checked inlet hoses, screens and hoses are clean and release plenty of pressure. Screens in inlet valve are clean, hoses from valve to dispenser tray are clear. Removed and blew through the spinner wheel that is in the line and it appears to spin freely. Is it possible that the new inlet valve could be partially plugged, some how? The water pressure was normal until I changed the inlet valve. Please help!
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    Does anyone have any idea what could be my problem? Could the inlet valve I received be defective? I just dismantled everything again and can not find any blockages. I really need your help.

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