Model Number: 665.13269k114
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: 1-5 years

So I work on my own appliances, we’ve had this dishwasher for probably five years that have problems after two years and it was worked on by Sears. It’s been working ever cents until recently it quit finishing at cycle the soap is not dissolved the dishes were dirty. I put a new computer board in it because I was getting multiple codes it worked for for five days, and started acting up again. I have an error code 7-1 which I believe is heating element, I also have a 6–6… Could be thermostat could be multiple things… I know if I switch off the heat cycle it will run most of the time. ( we do have a lot of demand on our water heater “kids” ) so sometimes it probably does not see hot enough water but that’s not the problem if anybody had any ideas that would be great model number 665.13269k114