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Thread: Samsung dryer starting and stopping. Cleaned ventilation and moisture sensor.

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    Samsung dryer starting and stopping. Cleaned ventilation and moisture sensor.

    Model Number: DV400EWHDWR/AA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Our dryer will start but stop about 30 seconds later. It will start again and the timer ticks down like normal. No error messages, we cleaned the ventilation, cleaned around the moisture sensor. Tried different drying modes... No change. There is heat and the drum is spinning. Anyone know what else could be causing the problem?

    Can't find any videos for our model or symptoms.

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    It could possibly be your thermal switch or an internal switch?
    Samsung appliances are a tough fix in addition, to the brand having some of the worst dryers on the market...
    Just my 2 cents.
    Good luck!

    EZ Fix Appliance Repair Las Vegas
    "Your Broken Appliance is Always an Easy Fix for Us!"

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Will never buy Samsung again. Had also bought a dishwasher that didn't last 3 years. I will see if changing out the thermal switch fixes it.

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    Sadly did not. Ugh.

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    Curious, I’m in a similar boat but mine will allow air fluff.. have you tried a non heat mode yet?

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