Model Number: DFR29JMDAES
Brand: GE
Age: 1-5 years

My refrigerator and I have a love hate relationship. The lower ice maker (in the freezer drawer) has never made ice. That was not of concern because the ice and water in the door have always functioned fine. I emptied out the ice maker bucket from the door a few months ago because I was taking an ice cooler on a trip and figured the ice would remake and be ready upon return.

Yesterday I went to use the water dispenser and no water. It makes the sounds of water (a slight hum) but nothing came out of the valve. I proceeded to check to see if there was ice in the ice maker tub and there was not. My water line is connected and does have pressure. Clearly there is a problem between the connection to the back of the fridge and the ice maker.

I replaced the water filter thinking I may be blocked there, but no change. My lovely wife stood and held a cup under the water dispenser for 5 minutes because it is suggested on the GE website that there may be air trapped in the line and still no water.

Replacing parts does not scare me. Replacing parts without knowing which parts to replace does.

The love/Hate thing. Love the color of this unit (slate) hate the fact that I have to stick with GE appliances and there is none of them available used that match.

Any help would be much appreciated.