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Thread: Dishwasher spt sd-2213s won't spin. Will pump water in and drains ok but no spin

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    Question Dishwasher spt sd-2213s won't spin. Will pump water in and drains ok but no spin

    Model Number: spt sd-2213s
    Brand: Other
    Age: 1-5 years

    Our dishwasher will run for a couple hours no matter the setting, but is completely quiet almost the whole time. It will pump water in but not spin the water upwards. The filter is clean, there is no leakage, no kinks in the hoses, hoses didn't seem to be clogged as far as we know. Any suggestions on what to replace /fix first? It used to make a lot more noise while it was running (sounded like water splashing) but know it's silent after it pumps the water into the bottom. We made a video of what it looks like when it is on normal (we made it think the door was closed with a chopstick):
    Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I have never worked on one of these but it sounds like the main pump is not coming on.

    I would contact SPT (Sunpentown and see if they will send you a wiring diagram or better yet a service manual is on is available.

    It could be that the motor is fuesd and the fuse is blown,the motor is blown or the electronic control is not powering the motor.

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