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Thread: LG Microwave - Night Light: High setting works, Low setting doesn't work

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    LG Microwave - Night Light: High setting works, Low setting doesn't work

    Model Number: LMVM2085ST
    Brand: LG
    Age: 6-10 years


    I have an LG microwave that for some reason the low setting for the light that is over the stove, doesn't work but the high setting does work. Model #LMVM2085ST. I have been doing research online and even called LG this past weekend to find out what I would need to buy. They gave me a part number of 6912W3H001D and gave me a phone number to call a company that I could order parts from. That part number is a bulb, that I could probably get at Home Depot but I would think I don't need a bulb if the bulb I have works when set to high. Unless this is some special bulb that can be used for high settings and low settings, but I seriously doubt it and think it's something else. I just need to find out what I need to buy and if possible, how to install whatever I buy.



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    Yes I also do not think that a bulb will fix your problem.

    I cannot find a wiring diagram for this unit.
    If I search at a service manual for a LMVM2075 comes up so I have to assume yoursis a close match.

    But I have a bit of a problem because you say just a light and yet if I look up the parts for this unit it shows two lights/bulbs.

    If the unit has two bulbs then perhaps a bulb will repair it re: they turn both bulbs on for high and only one for low.

    If the unit is the same as a LMVM2075 then a bulb will not fix it.
    Here they apply full power for high and then half power for low.
    This is controlled by the contriol board and the board is no longer available.

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    Hi and thanks for responding.

    The two bulbs is, one bulb on each side of the microwave.

    I found a sticker underneath the microwave that the bulbs are 12VAC/20W, not that that tells us anything really but...I have two people telling me it's possible the bulbs could be 2 way bulbs, kind of like the headlights on a car, but I've never heard of such a thing for a microwave, so this isn't the case.

    Meantime, I did find something interesting, finally:

    It's the Main Control Board #EBR42858804! Now, I just have to locate the part somewhere online as Appliance Parts Pros shows this part as discontinued. Any ideas?



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    Sorry but I do not know where you can get one.

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