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Thread: Control Panel Beeps Intermittently

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    Control Panel Beeps Intermittently

    Model Number: JES9800
    Brand: Jenn-Air
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a JennAir slide in range (JES9800) and the control panel (or “computer board”) beeps intermittently. I have to switch the breaker off in order to stop the beeping and then switch it back on when cooking but having to listen to the annoying beeping while doing so.

    If I ordered the control panel with ribbon and reconnect to the existing computer board , will this fix the beeping or do I have to get the computer board repaired. Manufacturer no longer makes the computer board so the only option is to send it in and get repaired with a 12 month warranty. I am hoping I can fix with the control panel and reconnecting the ribbon. Control panel part is #PD00005649.

    The computer board part is Whirlpool WP74007234.

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    Hi Can'tCook, How did you make out with this? Did you DIY, or call a service tech? We had the same trouble: beeping, with an f-7 code flashing. We ordered the part, did the touch pad swap repair, and
    it worked out fine, but now also there's a separate stove top burner problem where we still likely need to have the MAIN circuit board tested and repaired anyway. (!)
    Can you share the name/ contact of who you found (with the 12 month warranty) that can do this? Kind regards!

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    I do not want to butt in but it is unlikely that the stove top problem has anything to do with the control panel or control board.

    On most stoves the stove top elements are controlled by infinite switches.
    Only the oven and perhaps lights are contolled by the control board.
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