Model Number: WRF989SDAF00
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 6-10 years

I've got a whirlpool french door fridge that has started to possibly reset every few minutes.
I will hear the compressor running for several minutes, then the whole thing shuts down for a few seconds, operator screen goes totally blank.
when things startup a bunch of icons light up and it makes a few little beeps - I think the same as when the power comes on after an outage.
I'm used to hearing that compressor run all the time and it is pretty noticeable that it is totally stopping.

I figure it's got to be either the power supply board or the control board/user interface.

Is there a typical cause for this resetting action ?

is there a way to troubleshoot my problem with a DMM ?
where to begin ?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered in the forum already, I did a search but didn't see something like this