Model Number: NA5721W
Brand: Speed Queen
Age: More than 10 years

Did a load and when I returned there was water running on the floor from under the washer. The next morning I tried to start it to see where the water was leaking from but the washer now will not start. It just buzzes when I pull the timer to start. The inside is now dry and the bottom damp so I canít tell where it is leaking from. I spun the main pulley and the drum turns.

I could not find a factory tag with itís model numbers. A few years ago I found two things which may be my model.
Maytag Speed Queen, Marathon NA5721W, Hinge 27626
There was a parts like which seemed like for my model. It was for Model AA4211.

Any suggestions on how to proceed. I can do basic electric troubleshooting. Given the age of the machine is it work working on? Iím reluctant to buy a new one. My daughter bought a pricey new one and had nothing but trouble with it and ever expensive repairs.