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Thread: Samsung drought

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    Samsung drought

    Model Number: Rfg298hrd
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Samsung water will not flow with filter...only without... yes itís a samsun filter... no kinks in line. Ice maker works.. I guess I need to replace water/ice valve. Canít find it..... inside refit.. where and can I just replace valve or whole kit and kaboogle.. Samsung refig rfg298hrds

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    I am afraid I cannot be of much help here as I cannot find any tech info on the unit where it gives info about the water system.
    Hopefuly someone else will jump in.

    Since it runs OK without a filter I would sat that the water valve is OK.

    Problem is probably with the filter housing.
    If you still have the old filter give that a try.
    Check in the filter housing to be sure that an o-ring etc. has not come off the old filter and is causing a problem.

    You may want to try another new filter but I doubt that will do any good since the ice maker is running OK.

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