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Thread: Frigidaire oven will not heat

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    Frigidaire oven will not heat

    Model Number: Fef366dbb
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: More than 10 years

    Oven will not heat replaced element about 6 months ago
    Had been working fine wife turned on today and few minutes later heard loud pop which tripped breaker reset breaker and oven wonít heat checked elements and temp sensor all have correct ohms and has correct voltage coming in the only thing I found was the black terminal block where power comes in was melted and a little burnt on the far right terminal only like it got really hot and melted some...when powered on I still get voltage going to heat element and none when press off....where do I go from here? Bad terminal block ?

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    Below is info on this unit

    Are you measuring 120 volts at the heater measured to Neutral or ground and 0 volts across the elements?
    If yes then you know that either the heater or the DLB relay is closing when turned on.

    Measure for 240 at the control board between L2 in and DLB brown wire.
    You should have 240 volts.
    If not check the wires from the terminal block to the control board.
    If OK then replacing the terminal block may solve the problem.
    Note: do this with the oven off first. Then if OK do it with the oven on. In both cases you should see 240 volts.

    If the above is OK then either the DLB relay or the heater relay is not closing and the most likely culprit is a bad control board.

    NOTE: You should also replace the terminal block. Odds are that here is now a poor connection on the right side. Thjis will cause hating and eventually will fail. Be sure to clean the connectors.

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