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Thread: Circuit Board wiring harness

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    Circuit Board wiring harness

    Model Number: LRG 3095 ST/01
    Brand: LG
    Age: 6-10 years

    Mice got into the stove and chewed a micro-wiring harness that connects the power supply board to the oven control board. It is a 6 wire harness that has female connectors. I cannot find this part anywhere. None of the parts supply houses on-line have it and even LG could not help. It seems so obscure, that it is not available anywhere. How do I find a replacement for this harness? I even looked at kits to try and build a custom one, but none of the kits seemed suitable. At this point, I am stumped. Any suggestions? (Can't even find a junked stove either, to salvage parts off).

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    I could not find a wiring diagram for this unit.
    You really need one so that you can check that they do nor change a wire pin position between the connectors re: pin 3 going to pin 5 as an example.

    Also I do not know the length of it.

    So what I did was just Google "6 pin cable"
    A bunch of pictures of cables came up following is one that may do the job for you.

    Hopefully someone else will jump in with a more useful suggestion.

    Note: that even if you can find a part number for it, it is unlikely that it would still be available.

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