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Thread: Samsung defrost problem

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    Samsung defrost problem

    Model Number: RFG298HDWP/XAA-0001
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    I had this problem once before and had it repaired. Think it is same or similar problem.
    The tray below the lowest drawer fills with water (it's just above the lower freezer) and freezes. Ice is a thin sheet 1/4 thick or so. Need to clean it out once a week or so.
    Last repair it was a heat sync which was not reaching far enough down the drain tube to melt it. He replaced the sync, extended it with a piece of wire so it reached farther then had to replace all the wet material.

    This is a similar if not the same problem. Looking for your input and which parts are involved in the repair.

    Or, it may be time to move on from Samsung
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