Model Number: FGF337ECD
Brand: Frigidaire
Age: Less than 1 year

I recently obtained an older Frigidaire gas range (FGF337ECD) that had apparently never been used. Though the stove top works, the oven did not as the control module was not working, so I replaced it. The oven still did not work, so I removed, cleaned and inspected the igniter, safety valve and flame tubes and made sure all wires were connected. The igniter had a slight blue tinge - so it was fired up at least once, but I replaced it anyway and the oven still will not operate. When I set the control panel to bake, after a few seconds I can hear the relay click, but the igniter will not glow. I disconnected the gas line to the safety valve and turned on the gas, which is present.
Is there a way to test the safety valve, or is there something else that could be wrong. I have invested almost $200 in parts now, and would like to get it working, but wonder if it's worth it.
Any help would be appreciated.