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Thread: Frigidaire PF displayed during dry cycle

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    Frigidaire PF displayed during dry cycle

    Model Number: FGHD2433KF1
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 6-10 years

    My Frigidaire dishwasher seems to show the PF power failure after every wash now. We run it at night, so itís unclear exactly when it fails and there are no other kitchen appliances that show a power failure so itís localized to the dishwasher only.

    It does seem to clean the dishes, and has a good amount of heat in the morning and no water in the tub, which to me indicates itís failure during the heating cycle.

    I donít know how many heating/cleaning/drying cycles there are that activate the bottom heating elements, and since weíve never watched it while it cleans/dries and triggers the PF display - I donít know if itís the control board, a shorted heating element or something completely different.

    Everything Iíve read on DIY boards is this is likely the control board since there are no other error codes being displayed, and I havenít seen anything about failing/shorting heating elements.

    Any other suggestions on what to diagnose before ordering the control board replacement?

    One other question - if I do replace this control board, what is the likelihood of this model needing more replacement parts or failing, since it is probably 10 years old (donít know exactly when the previous owner installed it)?

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    Below is tech info on this unit.

    The first thing to try is resetting the control board.
    Either unplug it of flip the breaker off for a couple minutes.

    If this does nothing try running the diagnostics to see if something does not work or you get an error.

    If all OK remove power from the unit and redo the wirenuts which connect the power to the unit.

    If this does nothing then disconnect and clean all the connections to the control board.
    Electronic contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush can be sued for this.
    Just be sure all the cleaner has evaporated off before reconnecting the connections.
    Also check the connectors while doing this.

    If all the above do nothing then odds are that it is the control board but there is no guarantee.

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