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Thread: Lights wrk but won’t start

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    Lights wrk but won’t start

    Model Number: MDC4650AWB
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 6-10 years

    Everything lights up in control pad except the start functioning won't even start cycle . Any possible help would be appreciated.

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    Below is a service manual

    Convertible Dishwasher
    16026945 Mayta...

    I am assuming that you have already unplugged the unit for a couple minutes to see if it will reset.

    I cannot find the tech sheet for this unit. It may be taped under the unit.
    If you can find it, it may give the pin outs for the control panel which would let you check the start button on the panel.

    I would also check that both door switches close. Yo will need a meterto do this correctly.

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    Thank you for the reply Yes I did unplug a few times to try to reset, I’ve also look for tech sheet and was also unable to find it online or on the unit. I had replaced the door switches also since it was thought to be that but still no lights on start button and not starting.

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    Try asking for it on

    There is a guy there that finds almost all tech info.

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