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Thread: Electrolux washer problems, spin and controls

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    Electrolux washer problems, spin and controls

    Model Number: EIFLS55IMBO
    Brand: Electrolux
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hi, I have an Electrolux EIFLS55IMBO that has two issues that I need help with. I believe that they are unrelated as the "control issue" predates the "spin issue", but if I need to work on the unit I want to address both if practical. I did search, but came up with surprisingly few results so apologize if I missed my answers.

    The recent and more serious "spin issue" is that the the washer will not enter hi speed spin, it slowly turns one way- pauses- then spins slowly the other way. Turning it off, letting it sit, etc. and trying again will let it work properly with no apparent pattern. The water seems to drain, just wont spin-dry. Seems to be trying to balance to me? Some other googling shows it could be the door latch?

    The longer term annoyance is the "control issue" which is when you turn the selector knob you hear beeps and clicks, but the mode changes irregularly. It will take several clicks and beeps to advance the mode(light indicator around the knob). Not a big deal, but....

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, still looking at this... I figured out diagnostic mode and checked the codes and found:

    1E 13
    2E 00
    3E 00
    4E 00
    5E 00

    The 1E 13 has something to do with filling which seems to happen normally, Googling shows that the drain hose might be in the drain pipe too far. I was in fact about 24" which may be a siphoning issue. I reduced the insertion to 10-12". Not sure if this is related or not. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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    Crickets? Anybody?

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