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Thread: Samsung Dryer blues

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    Angry Samsung Dryer blues

    Model Number: Dv330aew/xaa
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Samsung dryer element burnt out about two yrs ago and replaced it with no problems until now. So far Iíve replaced all 3 thermostats and thermistor 3 times with Samsung parts from amazon and the high limit thermostat keeps blowing. The airflow is good with no blockage heat element is not shorting out. So last week I put a new board in with all new thermostats and thermistor. Double checked all vents from heat element to outdoor vent dried 4 loads of clothes and the high limit blew again. Any ideas as to what else could be wrong?

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    Just in case you do not have it the tech sheet for your unit is available below.

    This is a difficult one since you have basically replaced the entire heater circuit except the heat coil.
    I am assuming that you have used a meter to check the parts before replacing them.
    Also that you checked the element for grounding before replacing the parts.

    It is weird that it always blows the high limit and not the thermal cutoff (fuse) on the heater.
    Often when the high limit fails it's contacts weld together and then the cut off blows.

    I would say that the board/thermistor is not controlling the temperature re: the heater relay on the board is always closed.
    Then the high limit takes over temperature control and eventually fails because it's contacts are not robust enough to do this long term.

    One possibility is that there is an air leak in the air path in the dryer.
    It would suck in air, the thermistor would see this as too cool and keep the heater relay closed.
    Overheating at the heater itself but not at the blower.
    The high limit would then take over trying to regulate the heater temperature.

    Another possibility is that you have a bad connection to the thermistor.
    Not totally open or shorted since you do not get an error but introducing a resistance into this part of the circuit so the board does not register thermistor resistance changes correctly.

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    I’m sorry i put high limit when it’s the thermal fuse on the heating element that keeps blowing.

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    OK the above still applies.

    I would also check that the blower wheel is clean and that it is not slipping on the motor's shaft.

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