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Thread: maytag mvwx700xl2 - lcd display shows and "L" and upside down "F" what does that mean

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    maytag mvwx700xl2 - lcd display shows and "L" and upside down "F" what does that mean

    Model Number: MVWX700xl2
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 1-5 years

    I recently replaced the gearcase due to the noise of the bearings going out. That install was pretty straightforward. I ran the diagnostic and the only error code is F0 E2 (which is excess suds, so we need to use less detergent). However, now after the wash cycle is finished, the LCD / timer reads "L" with an upside down "F" or an "E" without the top horizontal line.

    I haven't found this listed anywhere in the error codes, so I was wondering if you can tell me what it is, and also how to get rid of it?



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    It could be an issue with the water flow into the machine.
    Check out your water inlet hoses & make sure they're not clogged or knotted up.
    Just in case, also check out the screens on the washer water inlet valve.
    Its worth it to keep & repair your Maytag appliance they're one of the best.
    EZ Fix Appliance Repair Las Vegas
    Repair Dude in Chief

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