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Thread: Samsung DV330AEW/XXA Burnt wire

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    Angry Samsung DV330AEW/XXA Burnt wire

    Model Number: DV330AEW/XXA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    My dryer went out back in June, that ended up being the heating element. I replaced that but i have a new problem, about two weeks ago it stopped heating again, I took it apart and found the red wire was melted off its terminal on the heating element side. I checked all the sensors (Thermal Fuse, high limit switch) on the heating element and all seemed fine, came to the conclusion that i must've had a bad connection causing resistance. I stripped the wire back and re-crimped it on the OLD connector since i couldn't find one the correct size, i also "crimped" it to the terminal on the heating element. Now the same thing has happened again (red wire melted off just on the heating element side, not on the drive motor side). I took the drum apart and found the thermistor, it tested fine and fluctuated based on the temperature. I also tested thermal fuse on the blower housing, All seemed to test fine. What could be the problem...Drive motor, Main control board? Thanks again...

    No error codes
    The heating element test good continuity and ohms and is not grounded to the case or dryer.

    Just to be sure i was getting good readings, what should the Thermistor, Thermal Fuse(s) and high limit switch see for ohms?
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    Following... I am having the exact same problem nearly word for word with my similar Samsung model. I have come to conclusion it may be the control board, as I can't find anything else that I haven't already replaced once... Or 3 times.

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    Im thinking its the drive motor or the main board, Kills me to say but i just went ahead and bought a new one. ����*♂️����*♂️

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