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Thread: Wrong water temperature

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    Wrong water temperature

    Model Number: WTW7040DW0
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    When I set my Whirlpool Cabrio Washer to wash in cold water only the water comes out hot. I was told that replacing the Water Inlet Valve would fix this problem. And I was also told that I have to replace the Control Board.
    Which one do I need to replace. How can I fix this problem so that I can wash in cold water.

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    Below is a link to service manuals

    I do not have a Cabrio manual for your unit but one of the Cabrio manuals in the link should be a close match.

    It could be either of the parts you gave but also may be the temperature thermistor and that is the first thing I would check.
    Perhaps the diagnostics will let you do this without needing a meter.

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    To diagnose this you will need to access the water valves, which you can do by releasing the clips that hold the top panel to the cabinet.

    Here is the test.

    1. Set the temperature selection to hot wash water

    2. Disconnect the electrical wires to both the cold water and hot water solenois valves.

    3. Start the machine. Use a meter to test voltage on the connectors coming from the console to the valves. You should have 120 volts to the hot water, 0 volts to the cold water.

    You will probably have 120 v to both, in which case you will need to replace the inlet valves, a simple and inexpensive operation.

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