Model Number: WED7500VW
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 1-5 years

My mother got a dryer that didn't work.

I replaced the thermostat last year, the thermostat that is next to the thermal fuse located in the back connected to the heating element, and the dryer worked for about a year with fairly light use.

Then it broke, I checked all of the readings again by the heating element and everything came out okay except the thermostat again. I replaced, and it worked for one dry cycle and then boom. Nothing.

Checked all of those parts again near the heating element, coils, thermal fuse, thermostat, and thermostat was dead. I checked the part before I put it in.

I'm assuming something is causing it to blow. Also there are some scorch marks near one of the coils. But I checked the continuity and it seems fine. So I'm assuming it is getting to hot and sparking a bit back there.

Any suggestions?

The vent is clean, the back dryer vent is clean, the lint is clean. I think it's something else electrical broken but I know almost nothing about this.

Thank you,