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Thread: BMS Reset ideas- Dyson V8 Vacuum

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    BMS Reset ideas- Dyson V8 Vacuum

    Model Number: V8
    Brand: Dyson
    Age: ~2 years

    Hello everyone,
    Thank you in advance for your input...

    - I discharged my Dyson Battery too low and so the BMS (I'm assuming has gone in to Low-Voltage-Cutoff Mode)
    Following this, I
    - Recharged the 18650 Li-ion pack manually using a DC-Power Supply.
    - I have recharged to 4.10V per cell, giving a total pack voltage of 24.6V (6x 18650 in series),
    - However, the BMS still refuses to allow the pack to charge or discharge via the Vacuum cleaner/adapter - It still doesn't work - red error LED blinking.

    I was hoping that raising the pack voltage back above the minimum cut off would have reset the BMS, this doesn't appear to be the case.
    - I have also tested the continuity of the fuses on the BMS, they haven't blown.
    - I have disconnected the main +ve (top right in photo) terminal to the BMS and reconnected it.

    I am wondering if there is any way to reset a BMS such as this... Would disconnecting and reconnecting ALL the of connections to the BMS make a difference?
    Other info...
    *Black and White wires - Charger +ve,-ve.
    *Blue and Brown Wires - "ON" button on Dyson to start/run the vacuum.

    Looking forward to some insight and replies... Thank you so much for your help.
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    Hi Indexed, I'm not sure if you have found an answer to this question. I'd be grateful if you could share because it will help me solve my challenge.


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