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Thread: Samsung Dryer Error Code Hc

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    Samsung Dryer Error Code Hc

    Model Number: Dv50k7500ev/a3-01
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Dryer error code calls for pcb check and thermistor, therm is good at 12 ohms. Does this mean I should need a new control board?

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    I cannot find any tech info on this unit or specific info on a Hc error code.

    It could be that you need a new board but I would check other things first.
    Check that the heating coil is in the 8 to 12 ohm range and that it is not grounded.
    Check the hi-limit and thermal fuse on the heater, both should be 0 ohms
    Check/clean the interior of the unit including the blower wheel, also the vent system.
    Also try different cycle types/temperatures.

    Note if the above 12 ohm reading is correct then the thermistor is bad.
    It should read 10,000 ohms (10 Kohm) at 77 degrees F.

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    I’m closer to around 69-70 degrees room temp and the new therm I purchased is reading the same. I checked all parts and believe all checks out which would leave the control board, I reassembled the unit and it is saying the door is open when all is plugged in which makes me think the control board is off. Before disassembly it would cut on and spin for about 60 seconds and stop with hc error code. Now it also says dc for door with the light stuck on as if the door is open

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    And hc error code as well

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    You are probably just reading the meter wrong. If you are on the 20K scale or higher the meter does read out in kiloms.

    Without a wiring diagram I cannot say if the interior light is controlled by the control board or directly through the switch.

    I agree with you that it does sound like a control board problem but I am just guessing.

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